• Adesso Bistro Front Entrance
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    West End Memories & Hidden Patios: A Visit to Adesso Bistro

    Sentimental. That’s what I was feeling last weekend. Astrologically speaking, it was bound to happen. I am a Cancer Ascendant, celebrating a ten year anniversary, during a uniquely intense retrograde period. For the Astrologically un-savvy, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are all in retrograde mode right now. Retrograde periods are all about looking back, before moving forward. Even if you are someone who thinks Astrology is BS… there is something truly beautiful in this practise of evaluating past actions and beliefs, possibly making adjustments and corrections, and then moving on. I dig that whole heartedly! Additionally Cancerians are supposedly prone to nostalgia. So there is simply no escaping the…

  • Poké Bowls
    Hawaii,  Restaurants,  USA

    Team Lunch Hawaii Style: Poké

    If you have to take care of ordering a team lunch, best to keep things interesting and try something new I say! I could have ordered some sandwiches. It would have been easier really. Sandwiches are safe, and we’ve ordered them before. But that’s just not me. I have a serious aversion to doing the same thing over and over again. I wanted something new and tasty, that could also accommodate everyones’ unique tastes.  So what did I come up with? Poké! All thanks to the food delivery app Foodora actually. A quick scroll through the available options was all it took to come up with a perfect solution; Poké from The Poké Shop…

  • BC Oyster Po' Boy Side View
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    A Po’ Boy in Yaletown – A trip to Wild Tale post New Orleans

    Talk about serendipity… Wandering into a busy Yaletown restaurant for lunch on a sunny Saturday, less than 24 hours after returning home from a glorious foodie inspired week in New Orleans…. and seeing (to my utter surprise) BC Oyster Po’ Boy on the menu! Cue brain explosion: What?! Is this actually a thing I can find & enjoy in Vancouver?! The New Orleans culinary adventure wasn’t over yet! So of course I stopped looking at anything else on the menu, because I knew exactly what I wanted to eat; a delicious Po’ Boy.   Wild Tale Lunch Menu Wild Tale Drinks Menu   I ordered a Rosé from France without even…

  • Photo by Oleksii Khodakivskiy on Unsplash

    The Greek by Anatoli

    It’s kind of funny when you realize something has come full circle in your life.  Here I am sitting in an airport lounge, in 2018, intent on writing a blog post about my recent ‘Greek restaurant’ experience at The Greek by Anatoli. I’m about to board a flight to New Orleans to attend a Public Relations conference, and I am more than a little amused by life’s circular patterns in this moment. You see, my very first solo-travel adventure, which happened way back in 2005, also involved a Public Relations conference. And it was held in Athens, Greece.                        …

  • Alboraya Horchata Big Bang

    That’s Gold, darling! Horchata Series: Part I

    ‘That’s Gold, darling!’ he exclaimed upon tasting a sample of the drink. So…who am I talking about? What is he drinking? And why am I opening up my blog post with a Spanish quote? He is James I of Aragon (d. 1276),  who according to Valencian urban-legend*, was in a Spanish town called Alboraya **, for some reason… ***, when he came across an insanely delicious drink called ‘horchata’. And he clearly liked it! The English translation in it’s original Valencian is  ¡Açò és Or, xata!  Or, xata —– > orzata —- > horchata. I highly doubt my first horchata encounter will similarly become centuries-old lore**** , but I’m going to share it with you…

  • Grilled Watermelon Top View

    Grilled Watermelon with Burrata

    Credit where credit is due. I owe my culinary discovery of grilled watermelon to my good friends Ed & Eka. They sure know how to throw a mean party.* The type an immaculately detail-oriented Martha Stewart would be proud of. So cue my initiation to a life-changing grilled watermelon experience during early Summer 2016. Warning – once you try this there is no going back.  It’s like a B.C / A.D type transformation when it comes to watermelon-eating. Really it is sooooo delicious. All this to say…. Thomas turned our mini-watermelon into a truly stunning dish last night, and I want to relive it with you**! He went with a super classic…

  • Tajine from Chambar Restaurant

    Sunday Brunch at Chambar

    Located in a micro-hood called Crosstown*, Chambar is an award winning and long-standing ‘Belgian spiced with North African’ themed bistro. It’s stunning inside. They serve delicious food and boast a huge Belgian beer selection. There really is nothing quite similar to Chamber in this regard, which makes going there a unique experience. I like that. So we impulsively went there for Sunday brunch. (Brunch Menu for the curious). Thomas (the boyfriend) ordered the Fricassée (Braised short ribs, balsamic cipollini onions, potatoes, watercress, fried eggs, applewood smoked cheddar) and I ordered the Tajine (Spicy merguez sausage, saffron tomato stew, fried pita, raita, poached eggs, fresh herbs). Both were delicious but if…

  • Crusty Chicken Sandwich

    Burger Cravings at Cactus Club Yaletown

    This post is about burgers, but first…. a Geeky Intro:  According to research conducted by Technomic … Canadian burger consumption is on the rise once more. “Burger consumption has benefited from an increased emphasis on quality and sourcing, particularly as it relates to domestic beef, as well as operators’ ability to adapt the classic burger to modern demands through menu development,” explains Anne Mills, manager of consumer insights at Technomic. “Going forward, routinely innovating with new flavours, particularly sauces and premium toppings, will be key as expectations continue to rise for unique burgers.” Key takeaways from the report include: 36% of consumers have a preferred restaurant that they almost always go to…

  • Torched Wagyu Salad

    RawBar / The Lobby Lounge at Fairmont Pacific Rim

    When I moved to Vancouver 10 years ago I was truly overwhelmed by all the Sushi options in this city! Going from three known locations in the tiny little Island I grew up on; a posh Resort Spa restaurant for date nights (my initial Sushi introduction), a convenient Marks & Sparks near work for pre-packaged lunches, and a new restaurant chain in the Entertainment district for appetizers….  to a city with over 600 options was intense. No joke, there are hundreds upon hundreds of establishments catering to all budgets, ambiances and tastes. Vancouver is the sushi capital of Canada, if not North America… so it’s only fitting that my first restaurant “review” be…