Would you order pizza at Nightingale?

Nightingale Restaurant Lamb Sausage Pizza

My personal philosophy on dealing with food cravings is that it’s better to indulge a little. Scratch that itch as it arrises, rather than endure the misery of abstinence. Years of experience have thought me that if I try to ignore my desire for pizza for instance, I will loose.

Eventually there comes a point where I cave. My love affair with pizza is that strong, and I blame it on my Mediterranean roots. But sometimes I try to fight the good fight and resist all the same, and last Saturday night was one of those instances.

After we made a deliberate choice to not go to Nicli Pizzeria, (one of the best in the city, but I like to space out my Nicli visits, and Thomas isn’t as pizza crazy as I am), we settled on Thomas’ terrific suggestion; Nightingale.

A spot we always seem to enjoy, but have only been to a couple of times in the past 2 years.


Nightingale Restaurant Bar
Beautiful bar – love the bird cages and alcohol cabinetry


Oh crap… there is pizza on the menu:

So imagine what my face looked like when my eyes landed on the sizeable pizza section in Nightingale’s dinner menu. Dismay mixed with delight. All my focus pulled into that one section and everything else sort off went fuzzy. Pizza 1 – Nicole 0.

This might be weird but there are certain foods I prefer to not order from fancier restaurants. Pizza. Pasta. Bruschetta. Especially in the days when I would cook pasta all the time… I would never order pasta in a restaurant.

So I really didn’t want to order a pizza from Nightingale. What a culinary waste I bemoaned in my head. And yet that’s exactly what I had to do, and you know what? It was surprisingly fantastic!!


The drinks: 

To start we ordered 2 cocktails – Jungle bird (dark rum, campari, pineapple, lime) for me and Hesperides’ garden (vodka, elderflower, apple, ginger, lemon) for him.

We later moved on to an outstanding half bottle of Italian wine, Campania Aglianico – Le Masciare Irpinia Campi Taurasini. You better believe I took a photo of the label to include on my Vivino wine app! I also found it for sale in a North Vancouver liquor store.


Nightingale Restaurant Decanted Red Wine
Wine paired nicely with our mains.


The food: 

To kick things off food wise we ordered 2 starters – the Kanpachi aburi, avocado, serrano pepper, with ponzu and the Roasted apricots, burrata, red currant, with aged balsamic. Stunning dishes! 

For our mains we both ordered lamb dishes – the Lamb sausage, broccolini, macedonian feta, mint pizza for me and the Charred lamb chops, red harissa, mint charmoula, wild rice dukkah for him.

I’ll be honest – I was not expecting that pizza! I was expecting a smaller flatbread style pizza that would be served on a wooden board. This version was soooo much better than what I was expecting!


Nightingale Restaurant Kanpachi
Kanpachi Aburi
Nightingale Restaurant Roasted Apricots
Roasted Apricots
Nightingale Restaurant Lamb Chops
Super delicious lamb chops.
Nightingale Restaurant Lamb Sausage Pizza
Amazing Lamb Sausage Pizza – look at that charred crust!

Notable Additions:

My Jungle bird cocktail was garnished with a charred piece of pineapple that was delicious.

Another location that serves great Lamb sausage pizza, albeit in a much more casual setting, is Corduroy Restaurant in Kitsilano. This was the spot that introduced me to the lamb sausage + pizza culinary combo actually!

Nightingale Restaurant Interior
Dining area
Nightingale Restaurant Cocktails
The cocktails

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