Grilled Watermelon with Burrata

Grilled Watermelon Top View

Credit where credit is due. I owe my culinary discovery of grilled watermelon to my good friends Ed & Eka. They sure know how to throw a mean party.* The type an immaculately detail-oriented Martha Stewart would be proud of.

So cue my initiation to a life-changing grilled watermelon experience during early Summer 2016. Warning – once you try this there is no going back.  It’s like a B.C / A.D type transformation when it comes to watermelon-eating.

Really it is sooooo delicious.

All this to say…. Thomas turned our mini-watermelon into a truly stunning dish last night, and I want to relive it with you**!

He went with a super classic variation –  avocado oil (for grilling), olive oil & balsamic vinegar (for dressing), creamy burrata, fresh mint***, salt and pepper.

Check that out…. so yummy! And it looks like a pretty 3D psychological Rorschach test doesn’t it?

Grilled Watermelon Side View


It was fabulous and a great way to feast on Summer-worthy food during Memorial Day weekend! Aka the unofficial start to the Summer season.

Try it!

There are countless recipes out there for how to grill watermelon. Like notice all the variations from this one, to this one, and now this one,  and…. finally this one! One with cilantro & lime, another with blue cheese & prosciutto, yet another with pepper flakes …

It’s such a simple dish; yet you can keep it interesting & exciting by experimenting with different flavours****.  I love that.

Side Notes: 

(*) By that I mean culinary extravaganza! 😉

(**) ahem….brag

(***) Although basil works too.

(****) I’ve also encountered some memorable disasters like one recipe that called for way too much cayenne. Which I regrettably followed…. grr! The entire lot went into the trash sadly; was simply inedible.