West End Memories & Hidden Patios: A Visit to Adesso Bistro

Adesso Bistro Front Entrance

Sentimental. That’s what I was feeling last weekend.

Astrologically speaking, it was bound to happen. I am a Cancer Ascendant, celebrating a ten year anniversary, during a uniquely intense retrograde period.

For the Astrologically un-savvy, Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are all in retrograde mode right now.

Retrograde periods are all about looking back, before moving forward. Even if you are someone who thinks Astrology is BS… there is something truly beautiful in this practise of evaluating past actions and beliefs, possibly making adjustments and corrections, and then moving on.

I dig that whole heartedly! Additionally Cancerians are supposedly prone to nostalgia. So there is simply no escaping the sentimentality.

2008 > A New Chapter on the West Coast:

I moved to Vancouver exactly ten years ago. This fact about my life is so surreal to me. So soooooo much has happened during this time, and yet I cannot believe it’s already been ten years!

Many different ideas on how to ‘celebrate’ the big 10 year marker had crossed my mind over the past few months. In the end I settled on what I needed most; a week long break and lots of me-time!

West End Vancouver Map

West End Neighbourhood Borders according to Google Maps. I’d argue that the blocks East of Denman and North of Robson Street are no longer part of the West End anymore. 

My beloved Harwood on Burrard:

From all the apartments I have occupied during these past ten years, nothing compares to the one that I shared with my friend James for a good four years. What a gem of a place!

It was a large SE facing corner unit with plenty of light, and stunning water views. And I had a fabulous walk in closet.

Trading my current Yaletown pad for that former apartment would entail downgrading to only one bathroom and giving up in-suite laundry. Big no-nos right? And yet I still totally would be tempted to move back in! I really did love it that much.

But that is nostalgia for you!

At some point in this past year I discovered some very sad news. Almost all the buildings along my former street are scheduled to be torn down for condo development.

Ever since then I have been meaning to go and take photos of the street before this happens. It’s been months in the making… but I finally went and took the ‘memory-capsule’ photos I desired. And I am so glad I did!

There are ten buildings along that portion of Harwood street, sandwiched between Thurlow and Burrard. One building was torn down and redeveloped a few years ago. From the nine remaining buildings, five are slated to be demolished in the next 1.5 years. The area will be truly unrecognizable.

As though by fate, while I was adjusting my angle for one of the photos, I realized the man walking his dog along the sidewalk was someone I knew! A former neighbour who I hadn’t spoken to in a good five years. It was so nice to catch up and exchange contact info before he too has to leave the neighbourhood.

Patio Entrance to Adesso Bistro

Adesso Bistro – A hidden patio: 

Snapping away at the various interesting buildings along Harwood street I remembered something else I had been meaning to do for a super long time. Visit Adesso Bistro – one of Vancouver’s top hidden patios.

This place is so obscure that Thomas and I had to do a Google search to remember the name of it, and its exact location. All I could remember was that it was somewhere west of Denman street.

Nestled among the trees in a residential neighbourhood on Haro Street, about a block and a half past Denman, Adesso Bistro offers patrons a secluded al fresco dining experience. Tucked out of the way, it’s no wonder that people are surprised when they stumble upon this little beauty. Flaunting beautiful hanging flowers, the bistro’s 50-seat patio is the perfect place to perch oneself on a summer evening, whilst tucking into an antipasti platter. Reservations for the patio are required.

– Daily Hive Vancouver

As though prompted by the name (Adesso means ‘now’ in Italian), we decided we both needed a mid-afternoon pick-me-up sooner than later. So we headed over.

What a beautiful Euro-style patio!! Tucked away on a quiet street, surrounded by lush greenery, this patio is perfect for a solo afternoon of drinking wine, nibbling on snacks and catching up on some reading or writing.

Adesso Bistro Happy Hour Menu Adesso Bistro Happy Hour Drink Menu

Thomas and I ordered the following from their Happy Hour menus:

  • Haro Bellini
  • Fiorente Spritz
  • Cheese & Charcuterie
  • Tuna Crudo
  • Beef Tataki
  • Roasted Root Veg

On sight I thought the drinks looked very elegant and Instagram-worthy.

I do wonder what happened to the rosemary for my Bellini though. An odd addition that wasn’t added in the end.

Also I do think a gentle stir is required to blend up that Aperol/ Peach mix at least 1/2 way up the flute glass. For Thomas’ Spritz, mint was used instead of thyme, so we think the bar might have been lacking is some key herbs that day.

Cocktails at Adesso Bistro

Roasted Root Veg & Cheese Charcuterie Board

As for the nibbles:

So many delights! My definite ‘order again’ choices would be the Tuna Crudo and Roasted Root Veg.

The Tuna Crudo had a finely chopped topping of radish, celery and pink grapefruit. That flavour combo is deletable and so refreshing! The main menu version has some additional ingredients like campari caviar and black olive crisp – I’d definitely want to try this fuller version.

The Roasted Root Veg was so surprisingly delicious, I kept trying to reverse engineer each new bite. The slivered sweet yellow carrots, the orange carrot ribbons, the cashew curd. Yum, yum, YUM!!!

I don’t think I have ever tried popped sorghum before. When you want to recreate a dish at home, exactly as it is plated… that’s when you know you’ve found a winner!

Worthy mentions:

  • The generous helping of thinly sliced, olive oil drizzled, toasted bread slices… which were probably not made in house but I enjoyed them a lot anyway.
  • The smoky castelvetrano olives.

Beef Tataki

Tuna Crudo

Roasted Root Veg

West End Girls:  

I may live in Yaletown now… but I’m still a West End Girl at heart!

Beautiful tree-lined, LGBTQ proud, immigrant friendly, oasis of a neighbourhood… hopefully you don’t change too much.

Team Lunch Hawaii Style: Poké

Poké Bowls

If you have to take care of ordering a team lunch, best to keep things interesting and try something new I say!

I could have ordered some sandwiches. It would have been easier really. Sandwiches are safe, and we’ve ordered them before.

But that’s just not me.

I have a serious aversion to doing the same thing over and over again. I wanted something new and tasty, that could also accommodate everyones’ unique tastes.  So what did I come up with?


All thanks to the food delivery app Foodora actually.

A quick scroll through the available options was all it took to come up with a perfect solution; Poké from The Poké Shop in Gastown.

This place is literally a 10 to 15 mins walk from my house. Yet I had no clue it existed. Then again… it’s not easy to spot since it’s a sub-level establishment on Water Street.

There were a few hiccups… 

  1. I couldn’t get my 5 person order delivered because the time kept changing from 12pm to 3pm during the checkout process on the app. I assumed this might be a timezone bug on the app since no where did it say they couldn’t do deliveries. So I had to pick up the food.
  2. The restaurant forgot one of the drinks, and I only noticed when I had already arrived at the office. So I made everyone share.

But other than that… everyone was super happy with their customized Poké bowl.

Photo by khanghl20000 on Pixabay

Traditional Hawaiian Tuna Poké. Photo by khanghl20000 on Pixabay.

My order (Bowl bottom left near chop sticks) was:

  • 1/2 Japonica White Rice 1/2 Organic Purple Rice
  • Ahi Tuna + Wild Sockeye Salmon
  • Red Radish, Guacamole, Pineapple, Cilantro, Cucumber, Edamame, Nori, Sesame Seeds
  • Spicy Sauce

I thought mine was very delicious, and the drink I sampled (Pineapple Plantation Ice Tea) was super yum too. The portion size (regular) was just right.

Based on this initial experience I think I will omit the guacamole and add pickled ginger for next time though. How could I have omitted the ginger?!?


Hawaii Photo by Colton Jones on Unsplash

                          The birthplace of Poké – Hawaii. Photo by Colton Jones on Unsplash


Poké Newbie to Poké Master

Truth be told it was my first time ordering Poké. (What?!)

A handful of Poké specific restaurants have opened in Vancouver over the past three years, and I definitely noticed them….but I hadn’t actually bridged that culinary gap until this team lunch gave me the opportunity.

So my Poké experience turned out to be the culinary highlight of an otherwise stressful day!

Thank God for food… and the Hawaiian fishermen who came up with this super tasty dish!


The Poké Shop in Gastown

That’s Gold, darling! Horchata Series: Part I

Alboraya Horchata Big Bang

‘That’s Gold, darling!’ he exclaimed upon tasting a sample of the drink. So…who am I talking about? What is he drinking? And why am I opening up my blog post with a Spanish quote?

He is James I of Aragon (d. 1276),  who according to Valencian urban-legend*, was in a Spanish town called Alboraya **, for some reason… ***, when he came across an insanely delicious drink called ‘horchata’. And he clearly liked it!

The English translation in it’s original Valencian is  ¡Açò és Or, xata! 

Or, xata —– > orzata —- > horchata.

I highly doubt my first horchata encounter will similarly become centuries-old lore**** , but I’m going to share it with you regardless, because horchata is mind-blowing! 

So here’s how it went down…

Striking Gold: 

Tucked away on Hornby & Dunsmuir, lies a sizeable Mexican taco shop called La Taqueria. For weeks my boyfriend swore up and down that we’d been there before (although we hadn’t), and somehow we ended up going on Cinco de Mayo, just a few weeks ago.

The bar which we did not sit at…

La Taqueria Taco Shop


If you’re wondering whether there was a big hoo-ha going down to celebrate – I thankfully didn’t have any expectations going in*****. To be honest, it wasn’t really happening at this location festivity-wise. At least not during the time we were there – which was that weird in-between lunch and dinner period. Which is often, pretty dead for restaurants.

Additionally, the location is smack-dab in the middle of Vancouver’s business district, which is a very small yet literal ghost town on most weekends.

So anyways – we didn’t go there for ‘party-time’. We went to drink horchata. And eat tacos.

That first sip was divine!

It reminded me of a creamery version of orzata, an almond based drink that is super popular in Southern Europe.  I looooove anything remotely almond tasting, so I gave it my seal of approval. I also assumed it was made of almonds.

Here’s a shot of the horchata drinks we very specifically ordered. It reminds me of Maltese tea in this photo. All that is missing is the steam rising from the glasses and some pastizzi.

Glasses of Horchata


Gold indeed…

But I was wrong about the ingredients. The Mexican version I tried is made from rice, not almonds, and the first legit horchata recipe I tried (below) involves rice.

The North Star: 

As a starting point, I used this recipe to get an idea of what I should be using and doing… and then I just super winged it and improvised to my heart’s content.

  • I used half & half instead of regular milk – only because that’s what I had in the fridge.
  • I drained the last remaining globs of maple syrup into the mixture instead of sugar – substituting sugar with maple syrup always gives me elated Canadiana tingles.
  • I obviously had no cinnamon sticks handy, so I just used the ground kind – efficiency!
  • And I didn’t have a fine-enough sieve for my perhaps slightly over-ground rice and cinnamon mix, so I used a french press instead – MacGyver of the kitchen!

One thing I did follow was to allow it to infuse overnight. And I think it was all worth it in the end, because the following day we were able to enjoy this…

Homemade Horchata 

The boyfriend took the liberty of adding a dash of cinnamon and some gold flakes to the glasses before serving.

So elegant! I will definitely be making this drink again. 🙂

Also this little culinary adventure has opened up a rabbit-hole for me. More to come in Part 2 of the series. 

ps. For anyone that wants to know how to make a Spanish inverted (upside down) exclamation mark, like in this post’s title… it’s ALT/Option + 1 on a Mac. 

Side Notes: 

(*) Are legends the result of centuries old marketing?

(**) It’s a town in province of Valencia, Spain – on the West Coast (Mediterranean).

(***) maybe dodging more arrows to the face? Check out this guy’s story! Listen to this, in his written word:

“As I was coming with the men, I happened to turn my head towards the town in order to look at the Saracens, who had come out in great force, when a cross-bowman shot at me, and hit me beside the sun-hood, and the shot struck me on the head, the bolt lighting near the forehead. It was God’s will it did not pass through the head, but the point of the arrow went half through it. In anger I struck the arrow so with my hand that I broke it: the blood came out down my face; I wiped it off with a mantle of “sendal” I had, and went away laughing, that the army might not take alarm”.

(****) … and wow the 13th Century is ages ago!!

(*****) I literally only clued in on the ‘May 5’ connection part way through my meal.



Sunday Brunch at Chambar

Tajine from Chambar Restaurant

Located in a micro-hood called Crosstown*, Chambar is an award winning and long-standing ‘Belgian spiced with North African’ themed bistro. It’s stunning inside. They serve delicious food and boast a huge Belgian beer selection. There really is nothing quite similar to Chamber in this regard, which makes going there a unique experience. I like that.

So we impulsively went there for Sunday brunch. (Brunch Menu for the curious).

Thomas (the boyfriend) ordered the Fricassée (Braised short ribs, balsamic cipollini onions, potatoes, watercress, fried eggs, applewood smoked cheddar) and I ordered the Tajine (Spicy merguez sausage, saffron tomato stew, fried pita, raita, poached eggs, fresh herbs).

Both were delicious but if I’m to be honest…. I kicked myself for not having ordered a few waffles instead. I don’t know why I never ever order the waffles. I pretend to not crave sugar in the morning, but I most evidently do. And their waffles look so delicious. No photos sadly… next time I will try to remember!

Look at those apple matchsticks! Yummy.

Fricassée at Chambar Restaurant Side View


Here are my ‘Top Tips’ for Sunday brunching at Chambar: 

(1) Kind of a ‘duh’ tip but…. make a reservation if you’d like a table. Vancouver is notorious for long Sunday brunch line ups. I don’t know about you, but I don’t do lineups. Especially when I am hungry.

(2) If you’re the carefree reservation-free type and want to eat before noon … arrive early. Even if you intend on sitting at the bar. This place fills up fast, so sauntering in at 11am with no reservation is risky. We arrived at 10:45am and got sat in an area I didn’t like – a narrow high-top ledge section that is teeming with ‘service hustle & bustle’. As a Cancer-ascendant I especially don’t like it when I have heavy traffic/ loud activity happening behind my back.

(3) Alternatively, if you are a late-riser, swing by after the brunch-rush is over. Brunch is served from 8am to 3pm on Saturday & Sunday**. Even though this is a fairly large restaurant, with upstairs, downstairs and outdoor seating, you’d be surprised how crazy busy it can get between 11am – 2:00pm. Crazy busy and a line of 20 people waiting outside for a table.

(4) Go to the females’ washroom… if you are of that gender. One of the nicest in Vancouver!  I won’t give any more details… just go see it! 🙂

(5) A side of Focaccia… is a must if you order the ‘Tajine’ for brunch. From the three bread options I tried; the fried pita chips it came with, to the focaccia I pinched from my boyfriend’s plate, to the sourdough side I added partway through the meal… the focaccia was the best. Hands down.

(6) Enjoy the catwalk. All the staff at this bistro have the best & more eclectic style ever. I almost never check out what restaurant staff are wearing, but I cannot help myself at Chambar!*** I swear they must list ‘fashion sense’ as a non-negotiable requirement on their job postings.

(7) Leave the ‘Bon Matin’ alone if you are hungry.

Well, that’s all I have for now. All in all, a nice spot for brunch…. if you can get in!

A dinner review of this place is definitely next on my list, haven’t been there in the evening since last Summer!

Garnished with Mint & Cilantro.

Tajine from Chambar Restaurant Close Up


The pita chips are so tasty… but I like to sop up that sauce with a softer bread.

Tajine from Chambar Restaurant Top View


Side Notes: 

(*) Where the F is this? It’s right by the ‘Chinatown – Stadium’ tube station. Referred to as ‘Crosstown’ by true, long-time-dwelling downtowners, this micro-hood is boxed in by these four others – historic Gastown (to the North), historic and cultural Chinatown (to the East), preppy Yaletown (to the South), and the alternatively charged Downtown Core (to the West).

(**) The thought of a long busy shift like that still sends shivers down the spine of this lil ol’ retired server. I sure had my fill of crazy-busy and long shifts in bars, clubs and restaurants.

(***) The city is still recovering from a super bland ‘all-black, short and tight with heels’  omnipresent server look. So boring! I myself have noticed & personally experienced aspects of this, and seen a huge shift between 2008 – 2018 (the 10 years I have lived here).



Burger Cravings at Cactus Club Yaletown

Crusty Chicken Sandwich

This post is about burgers, but first…. a Geeky Intro: 

According to research conducted by Technomic … Canadian burger consumption is on the rise once more.

“Burger consumption has benefited from an increased emphasis on quality and sourcing, particularly as it relates to domestic beef, as well as operators’ ability to adapt the classic burger to modern demands through menu development,” explains Anne Mills, manager of consumer insights at Technomic. “Going forward, routinely innovating with new flavours, particularly sauces and premium toppings, will be key as expectations continue to rise for unique burgers.”

Key takeaways from the report include:

  • 36% of consumers have a preferred restaurant that they almost always go to for their burger occasions (up from 30% in 2015)
  • 40% of 18- to 34-year-olds says it’s very important that restaurants offer burgers with new and unique flavours, compared to 22% of older consumers
  • 56% of consumers say it’s very important that they can customize burger toppings

Aside from ‘toppings’, I would say just being able to customize period. That’s definitely a ‘modern demand’ that’s HUGELY in demand now, thanks to diners with intolerances.

  • Are you Gluten Free? No Problem – we have GF buns.
  • Are you Lactose Intolerant? Neverfear! We can hold the cheese and provide non-creamy toppings instead.
  • Do you want a lighter option but also really want a juicy burger and feel conflicted? Easy! We can swap out the fries for a side salad instead.

It’s so versatile and user friendly for customers that dine in group.

So easy to successfully implement on the production side, i.e. the kitchen.

No wonder we’re seeing burgers make a resurgence on menus, and that customers are loving it and aiding to its sustained growth by ordering them more often!

My stats:

  • 99.9% of the times that I eat burgers with my boyfriend it is because of some prompt I gave earlier in the week. Either that I had eaten one already, or mentioned I’m kinda craving one, or mentioned the word ‘burger’ at all really… haha

We’ll either order-in or go somewhere nearby that can cater to my boyfriend’s GF needs. That place is more often than not – Cactus Club in Yaletown. I’m not one to really like chains, but Cactus Club sure does make my life easier when I want to enjoy an ‘eating burgers’ experience with someone.

You know… that feeling of ‘OMG this is SO DELICIOUS, and decadent. Glorious and Sinful’. A Food Orgasm.

So this is what happened last Saturday night when we dropped by Cactus Club.

He got the Feenie burger (GF bun) with yam fries (substitution) and I ordered the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with regular fries.

We were all in.

Burgers at Cactus Club Restaurant

Both dishes were created by Chef Rob Feenie (who in 2005 became the first Canadian to win on the show ‘Iron Chef America’). Even award winning chefs are putting an effort into branding their signature burger experiences.

  • The Feenie Burger: smashed certified angus beef, sautéed mushrooms, aged cheddar, smoked bacon, red relish, mayo, ketchup, mustard
  • Rob’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich: spicy panko-crusted chicken, swiss cheese, sambal mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion

Worth every bite.


RawBar / The Lobby Lounge at Fairmont Pacific Rim

Torched Wagyu Salad

When I moved to Vancouver 10 years ago I was truly overwhelmed by all the Sushi options in this city!

Going from three known locations in the tiny little Island I grew up on; a posh Resort Spa restaurant for date nights (my initial Sushi introduction), a convenient Marks & Sparks near work for pre-packaged lunches, and a new restaurant chain in the Entertainment district for appetizers….  to a city with over 600 options was intense.

No joke, there are hundreds upon hundreds of establishments catering to all budgets, ambiances and tastes. Vancouver is the sushi capital of Canada, if not North America… so it’s only fitting that my first restaurant “review” be on a recent Sushi experience.

RawBar at the Fairmont Pacific Rim has been around since 2013 and is Vancouver’s first 100% Ocean Wise sushi destination. Innovative and sustainable seafood is something I can get behind! Additionally they make great cocktails, and the lounge is elegant yet relaxed.

100% Ocean Wise Restaurant

You’ll be served by beautiful servers wearing crisply tailored suits/ billowy ankle length evening dresses, gush at the odd cute dog being walked through the lobby by a hotel guest, and finally be seduced by the cosy live music that is always available anytime I visit the lounge.

To start we ordered some gin based drinks: the Lucky Negroni (gin / sake vermouth / bitter bianco / grapefruit peel) for him and Spruced Up (forest gin / sherry vermouth / yellow chartreuse / absinthe / pickled spruce tip) for her.

Cocktails at RawBar Lobby Lounge

Ahhh spruce tips… what a nice Pacific North West Spring touch! Both my boyfriend and I have been coming here for cocktails for years and the bartending talent always deliver.

We then ordered a sprawl of delicious food:

  • Torched Wagyu Beef Salad – featuring wagyu beef, greens, onion, nori chips, yuzu kosho vinaigrette
  • Jalapeño Kampachi – featuring masago, mango, onion, avocado, scallion, micro greens, jalapeño, radish sprout
  • Sable Motoyaki Roll – featuring kabayaki cured sablefish, avocado, chilis, warm motoyaki sauce
  • Lobby Lounge Roll – featuring rainbow-rolled albacore tuna, red tuna, wild sockeye, yellowtail, avocado, shiso leaf, dungeness crab, cucumber, yuzu kosho glaze

Food at RawBar Lobby Lounge

Everything was divine and very Instagram worthy (love the orange chopsticks) …. but ultimately the Sable Roll and Kampachi were my top favourites.

Jalapeño Kampachi

If you are looking to connect with a friend over drinks and appies or enjoy a chill dinner date with your partner, I think this lounge is a fantastic choice on a week day/night, thanks to its solid food, great drinks, relaxing atmosphere and nice selection of seating options (high tops by the window, sushi bar seating to watch the chefs/ bartenders, cosy armchair seating around a central fireplace).

If you’re looking for a more lively ‘see and be seen’ experience, then the weekend is your best bet! It’s usually pretty packed on a Friday/ Saturday night.